Joyce Resin has been teaching fitness classes in Vancouver for over 35 years, from high to high-low impact to boxercise, step, stretch, power yoga and beyond. She brings knowledge, passion and zest to all the classes she teaches and motivates her participants with her own enthusiasm. Joyce is a certified BCRPA and osteofit instructor and has developed new and innovative fitness programs, unique in Vancouver.
“Flexercise” is a mixture of pilates and yoga derived movements with an emphasis on flexibility training, largely through dynamic stretching and developing core strength. She has also created a program called Fifty UP! It’s an evidence based fitness class, designed to provide safe, yet strategic and challenging exercises as we age.
Joyce was the Executive Director of ImpactBC, a non-governmental agency focusing on health care improvement in BC and on making sure the patient voice is heard in health care system change. Previously, she was the Executive Director of the Healthy Heart Society of BC. Joyce also has an extensive background in media and communications with over 25 years of experience at the CBC in Vancouver as Executive Director and host of many national television programs, including Canada’s first health and wellness program called “Alive! The Picture of Health”. She was also a print and radio journalist and hosted a radio program called, “Your Guide to Good Health”.
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