SUNDAY MAY 14, 2017

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! It's your last day, keep soaking it in! {subject to change}


Are you ready to start making changes in your life? Maybe this retreat will inspire you to set some health and fitness goals that you would like to incorporate into your everyday life. But what happens once the retreat is over? Do you go back to the daily grind and forget to spend time working toward those goals? To keep you motivated, ask yourself WHY.

  • WHY is this goal important to me?
  • WHY do I want to incorporate more physical activity into my daily life?
  • WHY do I want to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

Your WHY will become your mission statement. The power of your WHY is what will help you through the rough days and keep you on track.

Let’s get Sunday morning started with invigorating breath and intention to create vision for our best life and use the money we have to support it! Mindful Money is an integrative mind and money approach to elevate your money consciousness and transform your money behaviours. 
  • Do you feel like you struggle with money and don’t know why?
  • Are you exhausted from feeling like there is never enough?
  • Do you want to experience peace and ease around money?
Mindful Money will guide you in transforming your conversation of money from worry to plenty. You will learn the significance of sufficiency to find a natural freedom and integrity. Together, we will explore three simple steps to deepen your experience with the money you already have.
Step 1: Transform your money conversation - identify you money narrative and create awareness of how you relate to money and why.
Step 2: Understand the significance of sufficiency to find a natural freedom and integrity - let go of trying to get more of what you really don’t want and free up energy to make a difference with what you have
Step 3: Learn three simple steps to deepen your experience with the money you already have - create empowering money habits to design an aligned and meaningful life now and in the future
Cultured vegetables are bursting with probiotics - and they are the missing nutritional piece in our modern food choices. They will boost your digestive function so that you can build a titanium immune system that allows you to move through each day with energy and vitality. Sound good?

Join wellness expert, Jan Jensen, in this dynamic workshop that tells you WHAT cultured vegetables are, WHY you need them, HOW you can make them yourself and WHERE to find them if you want to buy them. And there are samples. YUM! 

The pool is calling. Work it out in the lap pool or meditate in the hot pools.

This class is good for all levels as I will provide modifications, but be prepared to sweat and challenge yourself. Flow Yoga with a focus on being one with nature and the universe. We will be drawing on our primal energy and life force by focusing on the elements of the poses that draw upon the animals for which they are named.


BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle

We invite you to join in this fun, collectively uplifting dance. Each participant will have the opportunity to choose a personal crystal and together we shall create our powerful crystal grid for our Avien Dance. As a group we will set the intention of embracing the movement of liberation and healing of the sacred feminine within. Our workshop begins with our grid making, we will set the dance in motion.

Come and celebrate through inspired playful movement lift your spirit and awaken your senses. Everyone can participate, this dance is Nia, Zumba and yoga dance based, with lots of free movement.


Traditional mandalas are made with coloured sand. In this workshop we will also use coloured sand to make our mandalas, but onto a medium so you can bring your finished product home.

Take this opportunity to slow down your mind, engage in mindfulness and female camaraderie and create a work of beauty.

COST: $10

The birds are singing, fresh air and the goal is to kick-start Mother's Day feeling invigorated and energized. A brisk walk with Sharon will do the trick!


BRING: Sturdy shoes, outerwear for rain or shine


Lets face it, life can be tough leaving you feeling drained, irritable, anxious or even feeling sad or nervous. The key to turn your tense energy into healthy empowering energy is through your aura. Your aura is a form of energy emanating from your body. It can tell a lot about you, from your personality to your inner most emotions and conflicts.

Sarah Shular, founder of Energy Living Network™, will guide you through the steps to create an aromatherapy spray for your aura energy to combat feeling depleted. Blending a secret combination of natural essential oils with purified water to create your own aura protection mist. You will walk away with three amazing benefits.

  • You will determine how to best activate and boost your aura.
  • You will know the most effective ways to protect your aura.
  • You will be energized and empowered to live life to the fullest.

BONUS: You will walk away with your own unique aura spray. An aromatherapy gift, made by you for you, using all natural essential oils.

COST: $15 (not recommended for those who are scent sensitive)

Have you ever wondered why you make the choices you do? React the way you do to others? Or maybe you wonder why your husband (boyfriend, boss...) never quite knows what you're talking about.

As a clinical hypnotherapist it is my job to help you navigate your own mind. Once you understand why you think the way you do, you get to make the decision if you want to change it or not. Often it's not about right or wrong, it's about what worksbest for you according to your wants and needs. The goal is that your inner voice is your biggest support not your worst critic. We'll get insight into how the mind works and end with group hypnotherapy.

Learn how to shift your negative, low-vibe inner dialogue with the neuroscience and energy shifting of EFT (tapping) and the magic of high vibe BCTapping Stones. Clear the blocks and patterns around the words you use. Practice more self compassion. Manifest more joy in your daily life. Let’s have some fun with words and energy psychology!

Don't go home with an emotional hangover. After a weekend of learning and processing new information and friendships, join Sarah in an inspired conversation designed to consciously debrief and access your own intuition for moving forward.

A unique way to tone and tighten your body and core with a focus on dynamic stretching.


BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle

When life throws curveballs at us and things get challenging, we tend to store our heavy emotions in our hips and our heart. If we let this energy sit there it can manifest in the body as pain, tension and exhaustion. This gentle yoga practice will guide you through nourishing Hatha Yoga poses that will support you in moving energy through the body, leaving you feeling soothed and open.


BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle

Forrest Yoga is a modern yoga style based on Hatha yoga. It was created by and named for Ana T. Forrest, an American yogini. It is known for "its long holding of positions, emphasis on abdominal core work and standing series that can go on for 20 poses on each side. Ashling will gently guide you through this relaxing and medatative workshop.


BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle, outerwear for rain or shine

Hit the gym. Sweat it out.  Pedal, lift, elliptical, or steam. This is fitness for every BODY.



This is our official farewell and {EVERYONE!} should attend, so please choose this workshop!

A group gathering for a farewell to inspire us to let go of the past and step into the power of a positive higher vibration! It's time to reset and reboot! A keynote with gratitude will be part of the celebration.



Scandinave Spa (3 hours) | Self-guided

Widely recognized for their energizing and relaxing effects, the Scandinavian baths, also known as hydrotherapy are associated with many benefits. In addition to cleansing the body, they stimulate blood circulation and the release of endorphins. All of the senses are awakened; muscles are soothed; a general sensation of well-being washes over you. Immerse yourself... to emerge again feeling calm yet invigorated by the experience of the Scandinavian baths spa.

COST: $62 plus tax, group discount (bath robe not included)

BRING: Yourself, you must self-drive