It's after lunch, you've re-booted and it's time to keep on keeping on! {subject to change}


Confused by all the financial jargon? Wondering where to start? Want some answers to the basics such as what is a GIC? How do I buy a mutual fund? What does it cost to buy an investment? What will a financial planner help me with? Should I pay off my debt or pay myself first? The information age has made money, and what to do with it, more confusing than ever for many. This seminar is designed to create an "any question is a good question" environment so take the opportunity to ask those questions you always wanted to know the answers to!

One major key to expanding your career opportunities and even earning more money, is how you manage everything else throughout the day! Leave this session with a work/life roadmap for lessening stress, re-organizing your time and elevating your daily energy. Reduce the risk of burnout, get inspired and re-connect with your passions.

The critical piece to cognitive function and an amazing memory. Learn all the tips to have an amazing high functioning brain. Loss of memory and the ability to mentally perform does NOT have to happen as we age or undergo stress. Come learn how to feel better and stronger wit these important 12 tips. Everyone will leave with a special gift.

  • Discover your time wasters and manage your inbox once and for all.
  • Double your productivity in half the time.
  • Find what you’re looking for in 20 seconds or less.

Bollywood Dance is a combination of classical and modern movements, giving the opportunity to every women out there to learn this style of dancing. This unique technique involves every part of the body using mostly the hips, arms and legs giving you an intense cardio workout but also giving you the option to work at your own pace.

Feel great and get in shape while learning the high energy, graceful and sensual art form of Bollywood Dance.


Take a break from the warp speed of your life and learn techniques to live more in the moment. Based on thousand year old wisdom and grounded in current research, mindfulness teaches you how to stop the chattering in your mind, reduce stress and calm your body. By being more aware and present you can not only shift your mental and emotional perceptions but tap your deepest healing powers.

Come learn what the rage about mindful meditation is all about! Based on the book Mindfulness Made Easy: 50 Simple Practices to Reduce Stress, Create Calm and Live in the Moment - At Home, Work and School by Maureen Fitzgerald, PhD.

What is Risk + Reward? It's a surprise! Take a chance, sign up and have fun. You will be glad you did!

BRING: Outerwear for rain or shine

There is nothing as empowering as facing and overcoming fears. You will reach new heights in this beginner workshop for rock climbing. I will introduce the physical basics of climbing, as well as some mental techniques that are exceptionally useful in everyday challenging situations. Do not miss this awesome workshop where we get strong together - physically and mentally!


COST: $35

BRING: Sturdy shoes, dress for flexibility. A waiver must be signed in advance online at You have to self-drive (park at the Whistler Conference Centre (10 minutes) or walk (20 minutes) to The Core and meet at the front desk. 

The pool is calling. Work it out in the lap pool or meditate in the hot pools.


You’ve worked hard and earned every bit of your good fortune. You’re well into your “empire building” and perhaps nearing that point in your life where you need to become more concerned with keeping what you have and ensuring it lasts. Markets have left you wary and nervous and you are looking for some answers.  

Perhaps you thought about investing in rental property or wondering whether you’ll be “ok” if you worked a little less (or not at all!). Perhaps it is as simple as wondering whether you will have enough to last through your old age in comfort and in style. You may or may not know what a Financial Planner does, or what a financial plan looks like, but you do know you want to be in control of your financial destiny! This session is for those who are well past the student loan stage and want to know “how can I do better?”

Have you always wanted to have a conversation with your idol or interview cool and inspiring people? Can you talk for hours about your passion? Are you bursting with great knowledge you know you are meant to share with the world?

Perhaps it's yoga, maybe knitting, raw food or skiing? Podcasting allows you easy access to celebrities, doctors, authors, speakers and every day inspiring people. It elevates your confidence and can make you feel famous! In this workshop we go through how to design and create a podcast. Try it first hand and be a part of a live podcasting session during the workshop!

This workshop brings a burst of "feel-good" and is designed to leave you feeling grounded and peaceful within yourself. We'll do some gentle, fun warm-up exercises to help you connect with yourself and some other exercises to help you feel good. There'll also be an exercise on visualizing your best self and how you can move towards it.

There's a strong focus on positivity and ways to treat yourself with kindness : ) You'll leave with tips and tools to feel good and positive in your day-to-day life. A session for sharing, encouraging and supporting each other. Come along and get those good vibes flowing!

Desperate to have a great relationship including more satisfying sex but life itself gets in the way? Is on-line dating getting you down? Sexpert, Maureen McGrath will educate you about sex, love, relationships and dating like you’ve never been educated before. A little naughty never hurt anyone.

Learn how to meet the right man, take charge of your sexuality and your sex life and enjoy a great relationship! Maureen will explain female sexual desire, pleasure, body image, changes that occur at peri-menopause, sexual pain and other medical conditions like bladder leakage that may affect your sexuality. She will also discuss how to find your inner sexiest self and how to put that out to the world to meet the right one! She will provide tips on how to experience the best orgasms of your life! Review of the latest sexual health devices to strengthen your pelvic floor and enjoy sex so much more!

Stand-up paddleboarding on Alta Lake is refreshing and calming. Enjoy the breath taking views that accompany you all the way on this scenic lake. All levels welcome, no experience necessary, instruction will be available for beginners. All equipment provided including dry bags for belongings. Round-trip transportation from the Fairmont Chateau Whistler provided.

COST: $42
BRING: Wear your bathing suit under your clothes that can get wet, water bottle, camera necessary!

Recharge you vitality and have fun at this interactive Indoor Bootcamp with Whistler trainer Danica Herbert! Come prepared to sweat, learn new exercises, challenge your mental strength and have a ton of FUN!

LEVEL: Intermediate

BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle

Word is getting out about the importance of pelvic health but are kegels enough? Kegels have their place but they are not enough and not always right - your pelvic floor needs functional movement!  Learn about optimal pelvic floor function, signs of dysfunction and moves that will rev up your pelvic floor for better sex, better fitness and true core confidence.  

BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle

Take a break from the warp speed of your life and learn techniques to live more in the moment. Based on thousand year old wisdom and grounded in current research, mindfulness teaches you how to stop the chattering in your mind, reduce stress and calm your body. By being more aware and present you can not only shift your mental and emotional perceptions but tap your deepest healing powers.


BRING: Sturdy shoes, outerwear for rain or shine

Time to get over the mid-afternoon grogs and stimulate your senses. Run or power walk, just get out there!


Often, people want to learn new strategies to assist them to grow personally and professionally. Unfortunately for most people they struggle to achieve the next level of their success. The struggle comes from the non-supportive stories that are stored in our sub-conscious mind.

Come out and learn:

  • One of the most important formula of your life.
  • How the words you are saying effects your success.
  • Learn why visualization is vital to your success and how to do this practice everyday.

Learn things you may already know you should do, however, my question to you is… are you doing them? Lets have some fun together!

Life can be overwhelming at times and we often find ourselves feeling stressed out. This workshop will help you understand what is happening to you when you are overwhelmed, and how you can get out of the “stress storm”.  

With clarity, honesty and humour, author and therapist Alyson Jones will lead you in examining what stress really is - and how you can use some simple techniques to move through stress and find a deeper understanding of your exceptional and authentic life. The workshop will provide an entertaining and common sense approach to finding MORE in your life.

The MORE Philosophy is a life strategy that is accessible, doable and, above all else, practical. Using the steps of the MORE philosophy, this workshop will lead you on a path that takes you through stress and digs deeper into the joy in your life. Start moving, recognize opportunities, face reality - dare to be different and to live an exceptional life!

Do you ever wonder why some people have flawless skin and just seem to age better than others? Why do some people have sensitive skin or burn more easily? Would you like to know the inside secrets to these questions?

Using the principles of ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, Licensed Esthetician, Tazeem Jamal, will help you better understand your BODY TYPE. With her passion to "change the world one face at a time " she will share how to adjust your lifestyle to support, you, living a more balanced life filled with vitality. By the end of the session you will:

  • Choose a personalized program to nurture your specific body type.
  • Recognize "The Five Deadly Sins", that will age your skin and make positive changes to look younger than you are.
  • Determine if you are correctly applying the do's and don'ts for your unique skin type to achieve a "glow-rious" look.

Do you sometimes get stuck? Don't know the next step? Is your lack of vitality stopping you from being the person you want to be? Does fear overwhelm you so that you just stop? Join Jan Jensen to find out how YOU can help yourself! YOU hold all the insight and information you need to thrive in your life - you simply need a way to consistently access and understand what your body, mind and soul are calling you to focus on.

DARE TO BE cards will help you figure out how to move through blocks and difficult times with way more ease than you have ever thought possible. Jan Jensen will guide you through using the DARE TO BE cards (and how to listen to your body even without the cards) to support your every day decisions and actions that will get you where you want to go. This 45 minute session can change your life!

This class is for everyone. Learn the warm up moves, escapes and kicks of this beautiful Martial Art. We need more women in Capoeira, we need YOU!


Conscious connected breathing with sound, hands-on work and movement, we synchronize our physical, mental and blissful bodies to move in harmony. This breathing technique is a simple self-healing technique you will have with you forever after this journey; a way to integrate life's challenges, maintain vital health and cultivate a clearer connection with your highest potential.

Laura’s guidance offers a comfortable and insightful environment to cultivate your own powerful connection with source energy and vibrational medicine.

BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle, blanket, journal (optional)

NOTE: Please avoid eating a heaving meal at least two hours before the workshop

Hit the gym. Sweat it out.  Pedal, lift, elliptical, or steam. This is fitness for every BODY.



STYLISH MOVES with Tracy Richardson {EVERYONE!}

We have a special event for every WOMAN. It's a working fashion show. Not just any fashion show, one that will transcend everyone into the real world. What works and makes sense for every body, hair colour, shape, size, culture and lifestyle. Bringing the inner beauty to all its glory through what we wear and ultimately how we feel in what we wear.

Tracy Richardson is one of Canada's most sought after celebrity television stylists and image consultants. It is her attention to detail, ability to capture the beauty in everyone and her infectious personality that keep her in demand with the county's biggest television networks including CTV, Global, CBC, YTV and more.

Her reputation has garnered her work south of the border for US networks NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO and PBS. She has over 25 year's experience in the business and has worked with the who's who of Hollywood and network stars, political movers and shakers and Fortune 500 business executives. She also created the look and styled the launch of Entertainment Tonight Canada.