FRIDAY MAY 12, 2017

Time to start thinking about what you'd like to attend and coordiante schedules with friends. {subject to change}


We will discuss tips to improve upon self care routines for mind, body and soul. Participants will be doing some exercises including a salt bowl ceremony, in which we will each contribute something to the bowl. As we churn through the salt we each take a turn to name one thing that we want to bring to ourselves or our experience.

BRING: Something to contribute to the salt bowl, like herbs, petals, essential oils, etc. At the end of the ceremony the salt is divided into bags for you to take a relaxing bath.

It is a big deal in Vancouver and around BC. Everybody talks about it. But do you know what you are talking about when it comes to real estate? Do you have questions about recent government changes and policies? There have been many changes in both real estate and mortgage financing.

This workshop will explore the new world of real estate and finance and will be an open forum to get your questions answered. If real estate ownership is a goal, we want to help you acheive that dream (or expand your portfolio of properties)!

Tobin will teach you tips and tricks for being comfortable in front of a camera, whether your own or someone else’s. From the art of a good selfie to how to stand out in a group photos to helping you feel "red carpet ready” at any event, Tobin’s advice will have you looking and feeling your best in every shot.

Come to learn but also come for a giggle because Tobin (and all his 6’4” manliness) doesn’t just teach figure flattering poses and emoting your inner supermodel, he will demonstrate it. Which still even has Sarah, after 20 years of marriage and five years of working together, giggling every time she sees it.

BRING: Smartphone

Widely recognized for their energizing and relaxing effects, the Scandinavian baths, also known as hydrotherapy are associated with many benefits. In addition to cleansing the body, they stimulate blood circulation and the release of endorphins. All of the senses are awakened; muscles are soothed; a general sensation of well-being washes over you. Immerse yourself... to emerge again feeling calm yet invigorated by the experience of the Scandinavian baths spa.

COST: $62 plus tax, group discount (does not include robe)

BRING: Yourself, you must self-drive

Every day is an opportunity to start fresh and live with a courageous heart. If you don’t feel as ready as you would like to go out on a limb for what you want and deserve, then it’s time to create a braver YOU!

Join Brita McLaughlin, our warm and engaging triple designated life coach and relationship, and stress management expert in an engaging, experiential and educational workshop to help you loosen the grip of fear, anxiety and self-doubt, and cultivate your courage. Understand how fear works in the brain and how it can be harmful to you if you don’t master how to loosen its grip. Get a taste of simple body acupressure practices, easy breathing techniques and mindfulness tools to release anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions that keep us stuck. When you look at what lies beneath so many painful emotions like anger, shame and depression or what is under negative behavioral habits such as procrastination, you’ll find the roots of unfaced fear and unexamined, false beliefs about yourself.

In this workshop you will take away skills that short-circuit this mind-body loop of anxiety and its accompany feelings of not good enoughness. You are in good hands, everything Brita shares with you she has used with great success to support hundreds of clients over the last 15 years, as well as daily herself as a person who has successfully overcome anxiety from trauma.  

Learn multiple thing you can do to keep your skin and body youthful, vital and full of energy. We will address concerns such as weight gain, cellulite, wrinkles, crow's feet and all the things that come with our wonderful experience. Everyone will receive a little gift bag.


Find out in this session why the SMART method of goal setting might not work for everyone and discover a new set of guidelines for success. You’ll leave with a process you can use to get at the heart of what’s truly important to you. The result? You’ll stay committed and inspired to reach your goals, no matter what they are.

Are you ready to uncover what draws men toward you, to have a man want to become your hero? We all want to create a meaningful, authentic relationship, but can often find ourselves struggling in the moment. Would you benefit from better understanding a man’s behaviours and actions? With greater realization a relationship can become deeper and stronger. If you’re ready to feel more confident and radiant in your love life than ever before, then this workshop is for you.

Join me as I share valuable tools and insight. Together we will:

  • Uncover the three qualities within you that make you desirable to men.
  • Ways to connect with your man, without losing yourself in the process.
  • Discover the power of your feminine energy and the impact it has on your love life.

Do you ever find that your day is done and not the things you had hoped to do? In Val's workshop you will learn ways to navigate confidently through the distractions in your day, identify ways to be more productive and find time to do what matters most.

Learn how to make your own chakra bracelet in this fun and interactive bracelet making workshop. We will also explore the metaphysical properties behind crystals and how they are beneficial in helping to heal and cleanse our energy centers in the body. Materials (and fun!) are provided, no previous experience is required.

COST: $10

A dynamic class which maintains structure and momentum while ensuring the needs of each individual. Utilizing the breath as a vehicle to move and deepen your practice. These techniques will be taught and you can take them home and practice and utilize them instantly. We will bend, stretch and hold postures that will improve stamina, strength and balance. Finding laughter in our short comings and in our successes we will finish off the class with a deep restorative shavasana!

LEVEL: Intermediate

BRING: Yoga mat, block, water bottle

You go girl! Put some pep in your step and get outside, rain or shine!


This workshop is all about dreams. What do you want to achieve? What do you desire (really)? Learn ways to get clear on your dreams, how you can get started on them and important tools and tricks to keep you going along the way. This workshop will help you get started on your dreams and help you feel confident moving forward with them. You'll leave with useful steps and tools you can put in place - straight away!

For anyone who has ever considered an alternative to the 9-5, breaking out of routine and making changes to their life, running their own business, travelling more, spending more time doing things they love - or anything in between! Dreams ARE obtainable. What do you want to say when you're 80 and looking back on your life - you played it safe, or you followed your dream?

Time spent with Renne offers the opportunity to explore ones self and ones self-worth. The value and power we hold as individuals and the impact we can have on others is key to our own happiness and success. In this workshop participants will become cognizant of their own behaviour and have a chance to explore ways to connect with others.

Topics such as body language, physical and emotional awareness; the difference but importance of leadership and being a follower as well as working collectively as a group are all ways the participants will support their understanding of who they are and what they have to offer in their every day lives. Making the connection workshop is engaging and participation is required.

Jyotisha is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and more recently vedic astrology. It is the oldest form of astrology known. Stefania will take you through the inner workings of vedic astrology and how it can make an incredible difference in guiding you through life.

The pool is calling. Work it out in the lap pool or meditate in the hot pools.

Recharge you vitality and have fun at this interactive indoor bootcamp with Whistler trainer Danica Herbert! Come prepared to sweat, learn new exercises, challenge your mental strength and have a ton of FUN!

LEVEL: Intermediate

BRING: Yoga mat, water bottle

Do you want to take your iPhone photos from blah to brilliant? In this workshop, award winning photographer, Tobin Smith, will take you on a tour through your iPhone's camera app and teach you how to use a simple workflow to add pizazz to your images because the smallest adjustment can take your iPhonography from bland to grand.

BRING: Smartphone, outerwear for rain or shine

A wine tasting event. Enjoy a special selection of white and red wines from around the world. Includes discussion on how to taste, wine etiquette and wine and food pairing. Brought to you by the Blackcomb Liquor Store.

FRIDAY | 4-4:45 PM


This is our welcome and introduction to the weekend and {EVERYONE!} should attend, so please choose this workshop!

The Splashy Hello gathers all our remarkable women together for a warm welcome and information about what the weekend has in store for you. Diane Rolston will move our spirit and Claire Madin will get our bodies moving in the right direction.




It's a curated social event for women and {EVERYONE} should be there. Shop local crafters, artists and vendors. If you've registered for every WOMAN your ticket is already included with your registration. Includes a glass of wine, gourmet popcorn bar, groovy music and good vibes. Cash bar.