Tara Colpitts is passionate about all that life has to offer, which keeps her truly running off her feet. She has built her career in the Tourism Industry, leading sales and marketing teams for Red Mountain Resort, Coast Blackcomb Suites and Hilton Whistler, prior to joining Expedia as Area Manager. Coaching and mentoring is a key area of focus in Tara’s life and upon completion of her Masters’ Degree in International and Intercultural Communications, she began instructing at Capilano University.

To keep herself grounded, running has always been her outlet and she begins every day with just her thoughts and Asics….Kayano to be specific. She has competed in over 20 half marathons, various trail races and 6 full marathons, with Boston 2013 being the most memorable ,of course. She may be a bit biased, but the Comfortably Numb 23km Trail Race held in Whistler which she owns with her husband Christopher Colpitts is her favourite. Although she is most familiar with road racing, she has loved the opportunity to incorporate some exploring in to her run, which this race certainly offers (June 10, 2017). When asked what she is training for now, she will always respond with simply “life”.


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