Sarah works with clients in soul-expanding sessions, demonstrating what’s possible for the human spirit when we follow our joy; and what magic is available to us by listening to the whispers of our hearts. As a life-long seeker of something greater, Sarah is consistently expanding her consciousness in pursuit of creating greater awareness in the world.

Sarah’s paradigm-shattering personal and spiritual transformation began ten years ago as she started looking for healing and answers to the big life questions of purpose, love and happiness. Sarah has unmasked and deconstructed the hidden lies and illusions of this reality’s prescription for happiness. She has re-written her story, unraveled her own truth and created a path completely her own. Sarah worked corporately for eight years in Calgary AB  before pursuing her brilliant healing and intuitive abilities full-time. She studied and practiced with four mentors from around the globe and trained with several techniques and teachings.

  • Sarah Woods | Professional Intuitive
  • Intuitive Readings | Whistler BC