Roxanne is a model for everything she teaches, with over 30 years experience teaching and healing in areas like meditation, martial arts (2nd degree Black Belt Aikido), T’ai Chi, Dreamwork, and Energy Healing (EFT, Reiki, Qi Gong) as well as regression and psychic awareness. She brings lightness and joy to all of her sessions and her goal is for others to find their own way to happiness and health.

Roxanne is a gifted reader who will tell you exactly what she sees. Yet always with heartfelt warmth and support for the journey you are on. And with sincere faith that you can overcome and grow from any challenges. Psychic, Tarot and Palmistry are her specialties.

Her clients contact her from around the world, and love not only her clear insights, but also the practical techniques she suggests so that you can continue to work on your own.

She met her own unique challenge on Christmas Eve, 2004 when she broke her back in a paragliding accident in Nepal where she and her husband were celebrating their 50th birthdays and 30th anniversary. Within a year she was walking again and back teaching Yoga. And to this day she recognizes the experience as a great learning moment that moved her readings into a completely new level.

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