Laura Bloomberg is the founder of 5 Day Detox. Laura’s holistic approach attends to the spirit and energy of the body as well as the science of movement. Through her experience as a kinesiologist, retired professional athlete, yoga teacher, doula and breath facilitator she holds a motherly loving presence with gentle and knowledgeable guidance to intuitively assess what the body needs.

Her cleansing programs emphasize self love and self care and are intended to maintain our natural state through an alkalization protocol and mind body awareness. Laura has facilitated breath ceremonies and dance journeys in spiritual communities in Vancouver, Israel, California and Hawaii. Laura empowers you to move beyond self-limitations to activate the vast intelligence of our bodies self-healing.

  • Laura Bloomberg | Ceremonial Space Holder, Holistic Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher + Founder
  • 5 Day Detox | Vancouver BC