As a Hypnotherapist and Coach my mission is to guide individuals to become the best version of themselves. Align with their purpose, seek supportive relationships and expect a positive outcome daily. I will help you understand the importance of how you see yourself in the world. How you feel about yourself on the inside, ultimatly shining through to the outside. Positive thinking, self-awareness, self image.

My purpose is to show people that life is amazing, it is a choice and it starts with an understanding of ourselves and our gifts. I firmly believe it is our duty to find our gift and share it with the world. I specialize in working with people and the family members of those struggling with eating disorders and limiting beliefs. Community and over all health of society is a passion of mine. My personal mission is to get rid of labels. Whether you placed it on your self or society has decided this for you. We are always so much more than our current label.

  • Julie Turner | Owner
  • Finish line Hypnotherapy + Coaching | New Westminster BC