Dana Fleming is the founder of Vision Wealth Management Ltd. (VWM). After many years working under the Dundee Wealth Management umbrella, Dana felt her clients would be better served through a dedicated platform that focused on a holistic approach to wealth management.

Dana graduated with honours from Stanford University in 1989 and began her post‐university career as a Management Consultant with Andersen Consulting. She joined the financial services profession in 1998 and quickly realized that money management done in isolation from proper long term planning often missed key opportunities and strategies.

Her practice has always focused on financial planning first with money management strategies derived from the planning process. She works with individuals, families and small businesses to derive sensible financial goals, understand cash flow requirements and spending patterns, set realistic financial priorities and optimize financial health. For Dana, this work has never been just about investing for maximum returns, but rather an integration of planning for personal and/or corporate goals and objectives. Managing risk and return, ensuring current cash flow commitments are met and prudently planning for future needs is a fine balance. She works to ensure clients understand their current financial situation and the various avenues available to them as they move forward and pursue their goals.

In addition to her practice, Dana sits on several of the Portfolio Manager Association of Canada committees including Industry and Tax Regulation, Compliance and Operations Heads. Dana also volunteers her time mentoring young adults to start adulthood with a clean bill of financial health. Her view is that it is never too early to take charge of your financial heath, nor is it ever too late.

  • Dana Fleming | Portfolio Manager
  • Vision Wealth Management | Vancouver BC
  • dana@visionwm.ca