Certified Life and Relationship Coach; Facilitator, Leadership and Relationship Mastery Expert

As an experienced, triple designated and certified life coach and relationship coach, Brita has enjoyed coaching a wide variety of clients for nearly 20 years including executive and life coaches, counselors, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, senior executives and parents all to extraordinary breakthroughs. Brita has 25 years of training and experience in the field of human potential and relationship success.

Brita has a warm and engaging personality and is passionate about guiding clients to tap into their best selves and leverage the “emotions of the heart” with the “workings of the brain’” to achieve personal and relationship mastery. A distinguished award recipient of the “Woman of Worth” Vancouver Leader of the Year, Brita has an outstanding track record of supporting people to believe in themselves wholeheartedly and take inspired action to achieve the success, happiness and peace of mind they deserve.

Brita’s strength lies in supporting clients to move through challenges that may have plagued them for years. She is considered the expert in bringing out the expert in you. Brita is known for her uncanny ability to zero in on “blocks & blind spots” preventing wellness or success. She offers expertise and services in anxiety, depression, trauma and stress relief, cutting edge relationship tools, skills for building self-confidence/esteem, leadership development and solution focused approaches. The foundation of Brita’s work is conscious relationship with self. “Inspire Your SELF – LOVE Your Life” is Brita’s motto.

In her spare time, Brita is passionate about learning and practices yoga and meditation daily. Brita’s first love is her beautiful family and she also enjoys pilates, skiing, cooking, interior decorating, writing, gardening, reading, walking her dog Koa and giving back to the community through her nonprofit organization: Women with Heart.


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