Tazeem Jamal PMDT, LE is an expert at making women look and feel fabulously radiant and ageless. As a Licensed Esthetician + Skincare Coach, her passion is to “change the world one face at a time”. She works out of her studio, Skindulgence Spa, helping her clients to achieve beautiful skin. She uses natural and non invasive anti-aging products, inside and out, to help them feel younger than they truly are. With three decades of experience in the spa industry, she now shares her knowledge, by coaching spa owners and practitioners in the areas of customer service; rolling out the purple carpet experience and increase their retail sales. With her training, her clients have seen a boost in their confidence and are able to leverage their time to increase their bottom line

  • Tazeem Jamal | Licensed Esthetician + Skincare Coach
  • Skindulgence Spa
  • skindulgence@hotmail.com