This is a place for our every WOMAN community to come together to contribute to something meaningful.

Is there a friend, colleague or sister you feel would benefit from a free australian pokies? Someone who that despite their best efforts just can’t seem to find the money or dedicate the time for one relentless reason or another to attend the event with you?

It’s got to start somewhere. every WOMAN regardless of their economic or social status deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential - to find physical and mindful activity as a way to bring balance, self-awareness and healthy attitudes into everyday living.

The ask is for every WOMAN attending a retreat to donate a silent auction item. It could be a gift certificate, gift basket, an experience of a lifetime, clothing item, your world famous jam or absolutely anything with some value. We’ll collect all these remarkable donations at registration and set them out for a fabulous weekend of friendly silent auction competition. Proceeds will go cover registration and accommodation for one or more (depending on how much we raise together!) nominated women.

Nominations can be submitted by emailing and simply offering your personal insight as to why you are nominating “your person”. We have an unbiased confidential group who will review the nominations and place them in priority. We’ll announce who and how many can be accommodated at the next every WOMAN retreat at the conclusion of the silent auction during the WITH GRATITUDE celebration Sunday morning. That way the date can be saved and everyone can appreciate the effort they put into growing our every WOMAN community and paying it forward.

We’ve written a letter for you to use to help reach out into your communities to ask for a silent auction item, or even a few. Please send along the donation form or ask your donator to as soon as possible so we can be prepared with bid-sheets upon your arrival. If you feel you can contribute or can help manifest the Giving Room in another way please contact us at

Please download the every WOMAN donation form pdf_icon