No experience necessary. Humour recommended. Movement guaranteed.

every WOMAN connects, motivates and supports women of all ages, shapes and sizes to be active through fitness and wellness workshops.

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The every WOMAN retreat is a weekend getaway to participate in back-to-back introductory mind and the best casino ( experiences. There are more than 100 fitness and wellness workshops scheduled and it’s up to you to choose which ones to attend.

These retreats are meant to take you out of your everyday routine and encourage growth and interaction. This is about having fun, learning new things, laughing at yourself and feeling the benefits of fitness for body, mind and soul.

The result? You will feel refreshed, motivated and inspired, not because someone told you to do something, but because you made the decision to put yourself first.

Retreats start Friday afternoons and wrap up by noon on Sunday. Locations are inspired by scenery, access to amazing activities, brilliant workshop leaders and proximity. Registration starts Friday afternoon well in advance of the first workshop.

You can choose (mostly) introductory workshops conducted on the hour for 45 minutes in duration, including various styles of yoga, pilates, urban poling, hiking and birding, nia and zumba, hip hop and belly dancing, nutrition, gardening, salsafit, stand-up paddleboarding, mountain biking, personal goal setting, vision boards, photography, chanting, boot camping, kayaking, hula hooping, financial planning, understanding real estate, sex and beauty basics, mandala, dream catcher and jewelry making, stretching, running, vedic astrology, palmistry and energy work, cooking and wine tasting, accessing the best of you, and so much more.
They are an all-female (mostly!) roster of athletes, artists, dance and yoga instructors, body therapists, coaches, professionals, entrepreneurs, optimists and inspiration junkies who are committed to helping women reach their full potential, in an atmosphere that is supportive, friendly and non-competitive.
We work hard to develop a very diverse, well-rounded schedule and it’s up to you to select what workshops you would like to join. You can register for the retreat as soon as it is over, but you won't be able to select your workshops until two weeks pre-event. As workshops are confirmed you'll be able to see what the roster is starting to look like from the eW Whistler tab - it's a work in progress until they go live for selecting. This is to ensure we’ve taken advantage of bringing you every opportunity right up until the last possible moment and to ensure our numerous workshop leaders are totally locked down.
You'll be asked to create a username and password when you register. You'll use these when you LOGIN to access MY ACCOUNT then MY PROFILE to choose workshops prior to your arrival. This way you will know what to pack and create your own sense of anticipation.
You will have your workshop schedule at your finger tips anytime. LOGIN with your username and password to see MY WORKSHOPS under MY ACCOUNT. You will need to have this handy for the weekend so you know where need to be at any given time. If you have attended in the past we don’t plan on printing neck cards to be kind to the environment. Please be sure to have access to MY WORKSHOPS from your smartphone or tablet or print a copy to bring with you.
Most workshops are 45 minutes in duration and most will be held at the host venue. You will have about 15 minutes in between workshops to go to the bathroom, grab a cup of tea or socialize. Most are held at the host venue, some are self-guided and others are up to you to drive yourself. The event is not about dawdling, but it is also not about stress - so don’t worry, take your time. Yes, workshops will start and finish on time but the experience is about you - so make sure you keep your focus and do what is going to work for you.

The every WOMAN retreat is programmed for adult women. We do not have any workshops designed for children (17 and younger), yet! We are looking to create a separate weekend where moms and mentors can bring their girls to enjoy a weekend specifically designed to encourage everyone to always be conscious of fitness for body, mind + soul.

Most workshop leaders are volunteering their time, however, there are some contracted activities and some which require extra cost or transportation. We add these kinds of workshops to the roster to offer you greater opportunities to try something for the first time.
A $50 non-refundable administration fee will be charged for all cancellations. Full registration price is charged for cancellations made within 30 days of the event; 50% of registration price is charged for cancellation within 60 days of the event. Any additional fees for workshops selected will have a 50% cancellation fee up to 48 hours prior to the workshop. Full price for additional fees will apply for cancellations within 48 hours.
Usually between ten and 60 (depends on the activity), but could be as few as six or as many as 100. Nothing in life is guaranteed and “life happens”, but we won’t cancel a workshop unless it is totally an extenuating (but reasonable) circumstance.
You can add workshops if you have space in your schedule anytime, but you can not change or cancel workshops after you have registered for them. So please be sure be sure before you complete the process. Otherwise, have a great time creating a weekend where you get to make all the decisions!
Then it's time to attend every WOMAN. It's never to late to start something new. You can start slow, decide what you like on your terms and think about a routine that suits your lifestyle. Make sure to check with your doctor if you think a workshop might be to much.
Of all the workshops to choose from, there is a “sedate” (or sitting) workshop offered at every time slot. Because we care about you and your baby, you will be asked to complete a special pregnancy waiver that you will need to get completed by your doctor in advance of the workshops.
We have our own way of paying it forward. It’s called the GIVING ROOM. Take a look!
Of course! This is about sharing and working together to create a welcoming every WOMAN community. Please contact us at with your ideas.
every WOMAN was co-founded by a World Championship gymnast and Olympic runner. Kerri Carlson and Lynn Kanuka, sisters, mothers and active living enthusiasts created an event for a community of yoga instructors, wellness professionals, dancers and athletes to share their expertise with others and to use physical activity to inspire women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It started with 70 participants in Whistler in 2004 and has grown to see more than 200 today. They retired from every WOMAN in 2014, passing the torch to Kelly Angele and Tracy Bruns to manifest the retreats and find continued success in further creating opportunities for every WOMAN to bring balance, self-awareness and healthy attitudes into everyday living. Thank you Kerri and Lynn, for your vision, inspiration and motivation!

If you have a burning question that hasn't been already answered here, please contact us at