every WOMAN takes fitness and well-being to a new level by blending physical activity with mindful practices to rejuvenate vitality.

We know what it feels like to want to slow down, make changes and create meaning in our lives, but are too busy keeping up with our relentless schedule that we’re not sure how to start.  

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every WOMAN is about using physical and mindful activity as a way to bring balance, self-awareness and healthy attitudes into everyday living. We want you to feel uninhibited to reconnect with who you are, try new things, to challenge yourself and be supported by the women around you.


The every WOMAN retreat is a reminder to practice physical activity to motivate you, think more clearly, to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take care of your body. To reconnect with your friends, learn something new, to keep challenging yourself and to examine what it is you want out of life. It’s an opportunity to give your mind a chance to think and your soul the space to breathe.


You’ll renew your spirit and strengthen your body through exciting, fun-filled experiences with like-minded women in a comfortable and non-judgmental setting where we are all encouraged to share our expertise and to inspire each other. This retreat is for every WOMAN.